About Us

Need to see a doctor? Visit Liberty Urgent Care.

When you need to see a doctor, but it isn’t an emergency and you can’t wait a month for an appointment with your primary care physician, Liberty Urgent Care is here for you. Liberty Urgent Care is a convenient, affordable way to get quality care.

Making Health Care Affordable and Convenient

  1. No appointment is needed.
  2. Our Urgent Care is open extended hours, 7 days a week.
  3. You will receive quality medical care at Liberty Urgent Care center. Our medical professionals are respectful and pleasant to interact with.
  4. Our medical experts are physicians credentialed in Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, or
  5. We offer Occupational & Preventative medicine. We have many certified physician assistants and nurse practitioners as well.
  6. Insurance is not required. If you are not using insurance, our staff will help you understand all costs as you go, so there are no surprises.
  7. Urgent care costs are about six times lower than ER medical care, and Urgent Care copayments are substantially lower than emergency room copayments.

Liberty Urgent Care center treats a variety of injuries, illnesses, and other common conditions. We provide diagnostic, wellness and screening services. Some services are medical care for everything from colds and flu,cuts and sprains, dislocations and fractures. We provide immunizations, physicals, EKGs and Xrays. We do minor surgical procedures like stitches and we do labs and administer IV fluids. We also offer COVID-19 testing at  our convenient Huntingdon Valley COVID-19 Testing Center, and we will have a second urgent care center coming to Hatfield soon!

No appointment is needed to get care at Liberty Urgent Care. If you would like to make sure you get the quickest medical care possible, or if there is a day and time that is best for your schedule, feel free to call and reserve a time. We are open for extended hours 7 days a week.