SphenoCath Migraine Treatment

Liberty Urgent Care offers SphenoCath, a unique and effective migraine treatment.

The SphenoCath device is a small catheter used to administer anesthetic through the nasal cavity to effectively deliver a sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) block. The in-office procedure takes only 3-5 minutes, though the patient will be advised to remain in a flat or reclined position for 10-15 minutes afterwards. SphenoCath migraine treatment provides immediate pain relief to most patients without the use of needles, injections or heavy meds. It can also lessen the severity and frequency of migraines in the long-term.

SphenoCath is safe for all ages, as well as pregnant women, and causes minimal side effects. Some patients may experience slight nasal irritation during the procedure and/or throat numbness for about 30-45 minutes afterwards. Overall, it is a simple, gentle and low risk migraine treatment options.

Most insurances cover the SphenoCath procedure. Liberty Urgent Care can bill your insurance or will charge a self-pay fee of $350 for the service.

sphenocath migraine treatment